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M 101

Customer Relationship Management

A.Objectives of the course: 

Provide understanding of the importance of customer experience and  the importance of acquiring customers and retaining them for a lifetime; provide skills for constructing  an effective CRM program; and provide skills for developing good knowledge of CRM strategies and marketing tools. 

2. Target participants

Middle-level managers engaged in marketing and sales management

3. Duration

20 hours (13 sessions of 90 minutes each) over a period two months

4. Pedagogy

Classroom lectures, case discussions; working in groups by students on case studies and their presentations, videos on CRM, and guest sessions by industry experts on CRM software

5. Session Details

Session No.    Topic

1    Importance of CRM

2    Importance of customers

3    Customer acquisition

4    Customer expectations and perceptions

5    Customer satisfaction and retention

6    Relationshi

p management

7    Key account management

8    Relationship scorecard 

9    Customer’s lifetime value and customer loyalty

10    CRM implementation

11    Brand differentiation and positioning through CRM

12    Customer-centric leadership

13    Right message – right customer 

6.Course Director and Course Faculty

Name: Prof. Sandeep Puri

Brief profile

Sandeep Puri is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. With around 26 years of work experience in Industry and teaching, he specializes in Sales and Marketing. He has worked with Novartis and Trident before shifting to academia. He has significant publications, including two publications in Harvard Business Review.  He has more than 75 case study publications with Ivey Publishing, IMD, Lausanne, and WDI Publishing (University of Michigan). He has a book on Sales and Distribution Management co-authored with Still, Cundiff and Govoni (published with Pearson). He has also co-authored a textbook on Global Marketing Management with Keegan (8th edition, published with Pearson). In addition, he also has 10 edited books to his credit.

He is an alumni of IMT Ghaziabad and worked at IMT Ghaziabad for 9 years.