Working Together

I T 107

Software Product Manager

A.Objectives of the course 

The course aims to provide an understanding of how to develop a software product and how is the process is different from delivering a software service.

B. Target participants

IT project managers who aspire to manage development of software products, a typical activity in software product companies and tech start-ups. 

C. Duration

15 hours (10 sessions of 90 minutes each) over a period two months

D. Pedagogy

The pedagogy of the course is based on understanding the concepts of software product development and simulating a product development scenario leveraging agile concept and tools.

E. Session details

Session No.    Topic

1. Software service and product – similarities and differences

2. Basics of design thinking required to develop software products

3. Estimating market potential of a software product, basics of research methods for software products

4. Agile values, principles and practices relevant for product development

5. Defining user requirements for a product which is yet to have any user

6. Designing prototypes for validation, types of prototypes

7. Basics of agile tools like Jira

8. Simulating product development on agile principles and practices

9. Basics of platform economy for platform-based software products

10. Pricing and selling a software product

F. Course Director and Core Faculty

Mr. Atanu Ghosh


Atanu is an Electrical Engineer from Jadavpur University and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He is a Visiting Faculty in several leading academic institutions like XLRI, IIM Calcutta, IIM Udaipur, etc.

Atanu is the Founder and CEO of Bluebeaks Solutions, which is engaged in education, research, consulting and training in the digital transformation domain; and Salt n Soap, an ecommerce technology and analytics platform. Before his entrepreneurial stint he was a Director with IBM and, prior to that, a Principal with PwC Consulting. Atanu has consulted various Fortune 100 companies in India, USA, UK, Singapore and China.