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I T 106

Agile IT Project Management

A..Objectives of the course 

The objective is to provide basic understanding of agile concepts and learn agile project management methods through simulation and use of agile tools like Jira.

B. Target participants

This course is targeted at aspiring or entry level IT and BPO/ KPO project managers interested to get a basic understanding of agile principles, techniques and tools. Business users who need to interact with IT teams on agile projects will also find this course useful.

C. Duration

15 hours (10 sessions of 90 minutes each) over a period two months

D. Pedagogy

The pedagogy of the course is based on lectures on agile concepts and techniques, hands-on use of popular agile project management tools like Jira and learning through simulation of sprints on the agile tool.

E. Session details

Session No.      Topic

1. Evolution of software project management and its difference with project management in other domains like manufacturing or construction

2. Agile values and principles

3. Agile practices

4. User stories

5. Metrics for projects delivered on agile 

6. Basics of agile project management tool like Jira

7. Simulating an agile project on Jira

8. Simulating an agile project on Jira

9. Commercials and contract for agile project delivery

10.Large scale agile and limitation of agile

F. Course Director and Core Faculty

Mr. Atanu Ghosh


Atanu is an Electrical Engineer from Jadavpur University and obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He is a Visiting Faculty in several leading academic institutions like XLRI, IIM Calcutta, IIM Udaipur, etc.

Atanu is the Founder and CEO of Bluebeaks Solutions, which is engaged in education, research, consulting and training in the digital transformation domain; and Salt n Soap, an ecommerce technology and analytics platform. Before his entrepreneurial stint he was a Director with IBM and, prior to that, a Principal with PwC Consulting. Atanu has consulted various Fortune 100 companies in India, USA, UK, Singapore and China.