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F A 102

Strategic Cost and Performance Management

A.Objectives of the course 

The objective of this course is to provide necessary skills for using cost in planning (budgeting), pricing, cross functional decision-making as also for cost management. This course will provide a succinct introduction to these vital issues. This course will also provide understanding of challenges in performance management in unpredictable and volatile environment. 


B. Target participants

This programme is targeted to Managers with a minimum of 5 years professional experience from different functional areas who possess a basic knowledge of accounting and finance. 

C. Duration

15 hours (10 sessions of 90 minutes each) over a period two months

D. Pedagogy

Delivery would be through a balanced mix of concepts, discussions, case analysis and live corporate financial examples. 

E. Session details

Session No.                          Topic

1.Overview of cost management issues

2.Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management

3.Relevant Costing and managerial decision-making

4.Standard Costing and Variance Analysis

5. Budgeting and budgetary control and Beyond Budgeting

6.Divisional performance measurement, including transfer pricing

7. Life cycle Costing and Target Costing

8. Performance Management

9.Balance Score Card

10. Value Chain Analysis and Cost Management

F. Course Director and Core Faculty

Name: Prof. Purushottam Sen 

Brief profile

Dr. Purusottam Sen is a Former Professor of IIM Calcutta.

He has a B.S. from Birla Institute of Technology & Sciences, Pilani (India), an MBA (specialization in Financial Management) and a PhD (Fellow of IIM Calcutta) from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (India). He is also a Chartered Management Accountant from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, London – of which he is a member. His focus areas are Corporate Finance, Management Accounting, and Management Control Systems.