We empower talent for business excellence through corporate training and consultancy. We co-create training programmes with clients to serve the needs of the client and participants. We believe that courses should be short-term, modular, time boxed, impactful  and practice oriented. We select faculty from industry and academia. All our faculty have industry experience, including those drawn from academia. Participants get the oprtunity for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Therefore, they can learn at their own comfort and pace.



Facilitate Talent to Grow Through Training

Disruption is the norm today. Business get disrupted by the advancement of technology, emergence of new business models, climate change, demographic changes and such other events. Technology and management techniques are imitable, as those are available openly. Business firms create competitive advantage by managing institutional knowledge and relationships. The key to success is acquiring the right talent, facilitating their development and growth keeping the organisational contexts and goals in mind, and retaining them.  
We support firms in talent management by delivering courses for skill development in emerging areas. We also offer general management and cross-functional programmes for general managers and managers aspiring for climbing to general management positions. 
We  offer skill development courses in the Accounting and Finance, Information Technology Management, Marketing Management, and  Human Resource Management and Communication.
We offer certificate programmes in General Management for Young Leaders and Managing Family Business.

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M 101

Customer Relationship Management

This course is targeted at marketing managers.

M 102

Augmenting Sales Force Performance

The course is targeted at middle level managers engaged in sales management

I T 101

Managing Digital Transformation

The course is targeted at Middle and Senior Level Managers

I T 102

Digital Marketing
(This is introductory course. Advance level course is designed on request of the client.)

The course is targeted at junior and middle level managers in sales, marketing and advertising and PR professionals

I T 103

Understanding Consumer Behaviour Trough Digital Marketing Analytics

TThis course is targeted towards junior and middle managers from areas of marketing and sales, operations, advertising and employees engaged with management information system.

I T 104

Code Free Analytics for Non-IT Professionals and Managers

This course is designed for junior, middle and senior level  managers who have good to strong understanding of their business and want to apply basic analytics to solve their business challenges without having to learn coding.

I T 105

Block Chain Application for Managers

The target audience for this course are middle and senior level managers from operations, supply chain, logistics, marketing and sales and HR areas. Professionals from banking and finance, healthcare and public service may also find this course useful.

I T 106

Agile IT Project Management

This course is targeted at aspiring or entry level IT and BPO/ KPO project managers interested to get a basic understanding of agile principles, techniques and tools. Business users who need to interact with IT teams on agile projects will also find this course useful.

I T 107

Software Product Manager

IT project managers who aspire to manage development of software products, a typical activity in software product companies and tech start-ups.

I T 108

Software Pre-sales and Sales

This course is targeted towards aspiring and entry level business development, pre-sales and sales managers in a software company. This course will also be useful for software project managers who need to interact with the business development team to provide inputs, and buyers of software products and services from user industries.

I T 109

Foundation of R and Python

This course is meant for software programmers and IT professionals who have a prior experience of coding in other languages and now desire to become an analytics programmer by learning new packages and languages like R and Python.

B C 101

Effective and Honest Communication

This course is targeted towards middle and senior level managers.

HRM 101

Building Competencies for Personal Excellence

The course is targeted at junior and middle level managers

HRM 102

Leadership Development and Competency Building

The course is targeted at middle level executives

HRM 103

Interpersonal and Cross Cultural Communication

The course is targeted at Junior and middle level managers

M 103

Rural Marketing

This course is targeted at  junior and middle level executives in organizations which are into rural marketing or who have plans to “go rural” or working in the  social sector or agribusiness companies.

M 104

Marketing Communication and Brand Management

This course is targeted at junior to middle level managers working in organizations which are in the field of marketing communication and brand management.

G M 101

Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability

The course is targeted at professionals at all levels and from various fields working in companies and NGOs (e.g., project managers, programme coordinators and resource mobilisation officers). Corporates heads, directors, senior management will also find the programme useful.

G M 102

Mananging Responsibility Centres

The course is targeted at general managers and aspiring general managers. Managers with around ten years of managerial experience will find the course

G M 103

Accelerated Development Programme for Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs 

(Long-term certificate course)

The course is targeted at young leaders with five to ten years of managerial experience, entrepreneurs and members of business families. Except entrepreneurs, participants must be nominated by the company in which the executive is employed or the company that is managed by the family to which the student belongs.

F A 101

Finance For Non-Finance Executives

The programme would be immensely useful for functional heads, team leaders, supervisors desirous of understanding financial statements and managing costs, irrespective of their domain area of work.

F A 102

Strategic Cost and Performance Management

This programme is targeted to Managers with a minimum of 5 years professional experience from different functional areas who possess a basic knowledge of accounting and finance.

BA 101

Forex and Export-Import Finance

One of the very valuable business segment from growth and profitable angle  in banking industry  is Forex Department and with rapid globalisation of trade markets. There is ample scope for banks to grow in this market. This course aims to cater to the needs of banks to train their officers in the area of Export /Import finance , handling documents for negotiation/collection, regulations like FEMA , FEDAI, Foreign Trade Policy, UCPDC etc., Treasury Management in Forex, Forex arithmetic etc.