Group Meeting

B C 101

Effective and Honest Communication

A. Objectives of the course

The course enables managers to unlock their potential to use language effectively in a corporate context by improving language skills in both spoken interaction and written communication. After completing the course, participants will demonstrate mastery of strategies that help one stand out in the corporate crowd and articulate their personal and professional branding in a powerful and persuasive style. They will also be able to create space for sensitive, authentic and transparent communication practices making workplaces inclusive and more productive. 

B. Target participants

This course is targeted towards middle and senior level managers.

C. Duration

15 hours (10 sessions of 90 minutes each) over a period two months

D. Pedagogy

The pedagogy is founded in experiential learning following the constructivist theory. It promotes critical reflection at both individual and collaborative levels. It is also based on transformative learning through questioning, problem solving through case studies; it will use a blended mode of delivery addressing multiple learning styles.

E. Session details

Session No.               Topic

1. Connection between Language and Leadership Skills 

2. Empathetic Listening for Effective Communication 

3. Positive Language for Promoting Employee motivation/Productivity 

4. Online Communication in a Professional Context 

5. Walking the Talk: Modelling as a Resourceful Tactic 

6. Recalibrating Telephoning Skills for Greater Work Success 

7. Relationship Management through an Effective Communication Model 

8. Constructive Verbal and Non-Verbal communication 

9. Intercultural Communication for a Global Player 

10. The Power of Words in a Digitally Connected World 

F. Course Directors and Faculty

Dr. Monishita Hajra Pande and Dr. Shoba KN

Profile: Dr. Monishita

Dr. Monishita teaches at Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD). She has a PhD in English Language Education and has a lot of experience in teaching adults. She offers courses in linguistics, language education, English proficiency and academic writing. She innovated a low-cost peer learning model at AUD called the Language Buddy Scheme which promotes cultural and linguistic exchange among students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. She has contributed to a number of projects in materials development, teacher training and course development in various government funded initiatives.

Profile: Dr. Shoba

Dr. Shoba is an Assistant Professor of English at Anna University, Chennai. She has a PhD in English and is a gold medalist in Masters in Education. She teaches English for Engineers and Technologists, Business Communication for Management Graduates and Research Methodology for Doctoral Scholars of various disciplines. She leads various projects related to Language Research and Development in the Educational Sector for various State Governments, the British Council, the American Consulate and Reputed Training Organisations.